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Sitelink Online Move In Feature

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  • Sitelink Online Move In Feature

    Hi Friends! Curious to know if anyone using Sitelink has implemented the new online move in feature that became available a few months ago. If so, would love to know how much of the Move In is left to do in person in the office after the renter completes the online part of the process? I have looked at the demo but would like to hear from some real-world users as to the efficacy of this feature (is it worth it?) and what kinds of pros/cons you're finding. Thanks!!

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    I won't enact this option because I always want to meet the customer before I give access to my property. I want to be sure I'm comfortable having them as a customer and that their ID matches their face.


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      I do really agree with you MamaDuke and we always like to get a gut feeling in person for a potential new tenant who will be renting space on our lot... however, we have a lot of new storage facilities that have opened nearby in the last year and one set to open a mile down the road that looks like it is going to have about 2000 units (it's massive) so I am thinking online move ins could give us an edge over the competition since not many locals are offering that feature yet. Thanks for chiming in !!


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