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    I have a small facility in the country with approximately 38 units for boats & trailers mainly. Looking for rental management software recommendations for a property this size, perhaps Quicken Home, Business for rental property or something in that category. I would like to be able to invoice, send reminders and late notices in addition to sending contracts and take payments online. I have a competitor in my area that says he does his in QuickBooks.

    The other topic I'd like some input in is insurance. What companies insure Storage Facilities in addition to offer liability insurance?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Hi Randyi,

    Welcome to the forums! Many management software providers offer discounted rates for smaller-sized facilities so you can still get the same benefits as others without much of a financial drain. I would recommend looking around for one that you liked and fits your needs and then taking it from there.
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      Small or Big, there are many options in the industry towards a management software that could fit your needs. Try scheduling a demo with a few to get a better perspective of what you are opting for and then choose to go with them. Being the start of 2019, I'm sure you could save big on some deals where you could possibly get a website done for FREE along with it.
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        I have Storage Commander and I really enjoy it. They can give you a free demo so you can get an idea of how the software looks, feels, and works. They're all VERY nice and will answer all of your questions. If you're under 160 units they have a discounted rate. Also, if you pay the whole year in advance you may get an additional discount. DON'T get software that's owned by SpareFoot.


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          I've been using Easy Storage Solutions and have been extremely happy. It has all the functionality you're looking for and is reasonably priced.


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