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Rules and Regulations at your Facility ?

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  • Rules and Regulations at your Facility ?

    Rules and regulations are of course listed in the contract but does your facility have any "Rules" listed in big signs. I was thinking of having one made up and want to hit some of the major key points such as Access Hours, Securing Latches, Leaving nothing behind etc.

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    My entrance and exit gates have signs on them for the people that "DON'T" read them. Has access hours and speed limits and such. I actually have a separate sign at the exit gate to remind the tenant to lock the unit correctly. My locked wrong unit count dropped dramatically. I also have a list of important rules and regs addendums on a handout that is displayed in the office and given to each tenant. The lease is binding and so is the addendum. The addendum covers things in greater detail.
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      Mine are placed on a few buildings out on the property.
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        We have at the entrance gate hours, emergency phone number (not mine), no tail gating and a big old stop sign telling them to check in at the office before walking in. I want a no smoking sign, but then my bride would have to move.


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          Bighank, what you and your bride do in the privacy of your own home is up to you. I never ever smoked but both my wives, both named Debbie, smoked. I don't allow drinking on the facility but I can be seen on my days off drinking outside when I am BBQ'ing. We have no smoking signs up at both gates.
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            Alice and I reached an agreement years ago. She won't smoke in the house car or RV. She goes out in the back yard.


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              My wives did the same as respect for me. It works.

              Never could help who I fell in love with.
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                Yes, we have signs in both elevators, and in the hallways. There is a list of about 10 items in red on a black background. No smoking etc.
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                  Great sign, Kris! Who else can share photos of their signs?
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                    We have a back exit only gate. Because we have been doing construction, we only allow construction vehicles to use the gate for safety reasons. None of the tenants codes will work on that gate.

                    There is a big sign attached to the keypad "CONSTRUCTION ACCESS ONLY - YOUR GATE CODE WILL NOT WORK". People try it every single day. And surprisingly their code never works. Some people constantly hit the call button. That gate's call button only alerts us, we don't have the 2 way hooked up to it. It gets annoying when they sit there slamming the call button over and over again until they finally give us and exit through the main gate.

                    I don't believe putting signs up all over will change much of anything. To me it would make the property look cluttered. I like neat, no clutter.


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                      I recently attached a laminated sign right under the exit gate keypad that says, "DID YOU REMEMBER TO LOCK UNIT CORRECTLY". Since then on my daily lock check we have found no units locked wrong. I have actually seen two vehicles back away from the keypad and drive back to their units to presumably check their unit lock.

                      I am going to have to enlarge the sign at the entry gate that states the facility speed limit. I still have to remind people the drives are not city streets.
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                      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                        we have this sign on every building door and the keypads


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