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  • Not sure what to do

    Hello, I'm new here. Been managing storage units for 3 years. Just recently took over an off site managed facility. And oh boy. Here's my dilemma. Looking for advice.

    So I drive through about once a week and look everything over. Theres a tenant that's always there. Immediate red flag. It's been about a month and the signs are getting clearer that hes either living in it, or out of it. My guess it to the latter. This place has a bunch of vacancies which being off site with a kiosk do not get locked up because people rent them and then want immediate access to move in. Understandably, but I'm finding that units I hve personally cleaned are no longer cleaned the next time I come through. Such as weird yellow goo on the floor or cigarette butts. I thought that the roof was leaking on some of the units, because there were random wet spots but the unclean unit suddenly had a bunch of wet spots and the previous ones did not. Also a completely different unit that has been open forever, I open smells like pee. And there are sunflower seeds everywhere. You get where I'm going with this. Luckily the guy is now past due and I overlocked his unit but if he pays do i have grounds to kick him out. None of this is solid evidence pointing to him. Unfortunate the cameras there are difficult to look back on. It would take days to catch him doing something advice please!

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    People are peeing in the units and smoking on the premises. This is why I have said many times that facilities without security and no resident manager have these things happen. The owner will have to live with the fact that lots of vacancies are because no one wants to store where this all happens. Your lease should say you can throw a tenant out with a 30 day notice.

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      Yes agreed, a different world then the onsite facility I manage. Thanks for the advice!


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        Yes, terminate the lease according to what your contract states. As I was reminded, you don't have to give a reason, just that you or they can terminate the contract at will.
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          Agree with both responses. If you've had no issues until this tenant rented with you, chances are it's him. And he's probably inviting "friends" over as well. If/when he comes in and pays, hand him his notice and make it clear he has 30 days to get out.
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            I agree with everyone's recommendation of termination, but I would still recommend checking those videos. Chances are it's him, but if you have the ability to get concrete proof that he is in violation of his lease I don't think it would hurt to have that to back you up. Now that he knows how easy it is to gain access to these unlocked units, he may come back to the property even without renting depending on his situation and the facility security. I would want something to let him know that if he returns that he could be arrested for trespassing to dissuade any possible future problems as well.
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              I agree with what others had advised. If possible, do a couple more drive throughs a week at different times of the day?
              If there are an extreme number of vacant units, maybe lock all but a couple of each size and open them when needed for rentals?


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