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    How did you deal with a workplace situation in which you were asked to perform a task outside of your comfort zone?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    I can not recall any such request that would have been out of my comfort zone!
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      I run the place by myself. My "outside my comfort zone" just doesn't happen here. I may have knowledge or physical limitations that I come up against and then I tell the owner's son to figure it out.
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        I have previously worked for owners that paid diddly squat, and expected you to do everything from replacing leaky damaged roofing to getting on your hands and knees for landscaping, painting,cleaning the grounds and the empty units, marketing AND running the office AND being on call 24/7- it wore me out and subsequently they have gone through many managers since as it is an unrealistic expectation to do all of that and keep up the office too. Now I am working for a property management company that has a full-time maintenance person on schedule to handle the day to day maintenance and landscaping, but even then if it is something that requires special training and/or licensing ( like wiring or plumbing or tree trimming heights beyond our 10 ft ladder reach) we will hire out for that job.I really appreciate that and I can devote more time to keeping things organized and clean in the facility and office. We have a system in place where I submit the work that we cannot do on site to our home office, and they will schedule a 3rd party vendor to come out and complete the job as needed. Otherwise-If there is a task outside my comfort zone I will ask them exactly how they want me to accomplish the task, and have them put it in writing just in case. But on a side note: I have never been asked to do anything questionable by the company I now work for.
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