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    How often does the owner/district manager/other stop by your facility? What's happens during the visit?
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    Monthly visits.
    Facility audits.
    Counts the cash drawer.
    Walk around.
    Property check.
    Address any questions/concerns.

    Our Operations Manager is very approachable and ready to help with just about anything that we ask of him!
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      Our Director of Operations is part of the family corporation that owns the property. The corporate office is literally behind our back wall, and his wife is in that office. He joins her for lunch almost daily, so he pops in here often. Sometimes it's just to check to see if we need him for anything.

      However, right now, we are doing a lot of upgrades (New HD cameras to replace the 150+ existing ones; new HD monitors to view them on in the office; new gate sofware; new sound system throughout the property; etc) so he stops to check on the progress, too.


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        Our facility is one of 2 on this side of the water,( about an hour out of the way from the closest store) so we don't get visited too frequently. But, when we do get the occasional visit it is to see how the property is looking and they ask if we need anything- a very brief visit and generally they want to make sure everybody is happy- we do a quick catch up on any new policies and maybe a walk through. The owner never stops by that I am aware of, but my boss does- or a representative of the property management company I work for. They do keep watch via camera systems though.
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          Approx 4 times a month for paperwork and to bring checks, although we are going to Quick Books and they will now be direct deposit. He is available daily for calls and texts.
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            I've met the owner twice since I've been here. Management company stops by every month, month and half or so.
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              I have daily communications with the owners of this facility. They're hands-on regarding maintenance and operations and are available whenever needed, we consider ourselves a team here.


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                I see the owner weekly. He signs all the cheques and we go over paperwork and anything else that's necessary. He is available to me 24/7 if I need him.


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                  The owner is my father in law and hes in the advanced stages of dementia. His caregivers dont bring him down anymore even though he would love it. His son, my boyfriend have to manage it ourselves. I do everything including his personal accounting.

                  The other facility is different. I talk to the owner about once a week by phone and maybe once a month in person. My checks are mailed. But he is available if I have an urgent matter I need advice on.


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