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  • Service Dog Allowed?

    Hi, just encountered a barky little dog with a customer...when I approached her, she immediately said it's a service dog (emotional support). We did not have anything in her contract about this. She said she just forgot the vest. I'm suspicious...I love dogs but not in our facility. After googling, it looks like emotional support dogs are not considered the same as others and they do not have the same rights. Should I require documentation from her before allowing the dog in again? Anyone experience this before?

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    A service animal is trained. You can ask what the dog does for her issue if she has a service animal. you can't ask what is her disability. An emotional one is not trained and does not have the rights that other dogs have.
    I have people bring dogs into the office and I have bones from the local pet store for them. But I let them know they can't be in the storage units area with out documentation that they are a trained service animal. Most of them are not, they are just friendly dogs.

    and the vest... you can buy them online.
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      Thanks Janice, I figured as much. I think I'll send her an email so it's in writing.


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        emotional support animals are a racket, as the above poster noted they require no training what so ever, and may even be a safety hazard for your customers. With that said I love dogs and have no issues with tenants bringing a well behaved dog into my office. But people need to maintain control of their animals.


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          Emotional support animals are not service dogs, and do not have the same rights. It is a made up term people use to get their pets into places where they are not allowed, and some even pay money to random websites to print off official-looking certificates to fool those who aren't aware. However in the USA the ADA does not require service dog handlers to carry or produce documentation, so naturally the law gets abused because businesses are obligated to take their word for it. You can only eject the dog and handler if the animal misbehaves, harasses other customers, or disrupts your business.

          In reality, it's usually plainly obvious when a dog is acting as a service animal. It doesn't have the same demeanor as a pet and doesn't behave like a pet dog-- it's calm, quiet, and focused and obeys the handler's commands.

          I live in a jurisdiction where service dogs require government certification, need to wear a vest, handlers have to carry and produce documentation upon request, and the penalties for misrepresenting a pet as a service animal are serious, so we have much less of an issue here. Although as a business that doesn't sell food, we do permit dogs in the store and often have to encourage people to bring them in instead of leaving them in their car.


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            If there is one thing I really hate, it's seeing a "service dog" complete with vest, jumping all over and misbehaving. Anyone looking at that animal, and the owner, knows it's fake. But you can't do anything about it. The vests should NOT be sold online for anyone to buy. The whole "emotional support animal" has become a joke. Yes, a dog can make someone feel calm and relaxed, and I'm ok with a *true* emotional support dog being allowed into businesses. But when you have people trying to take peacocks onto airplanes, it's time to tighten up the regulations/laws around these things.
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              I have had a few people come in with dogs, I love 'em, but always asked first before they did. I tell them no jumping around, no peeing or crapping on the floors and no barking or growling if another person comes in office. In Oregon they don't have to have an identifier jacket on the dog that says "service animal" but we are allowed to kick the dog out if causes problems. We are also allowed to only ask what service the dog does for the human. We are not allowed to ask for proof paperwork. The ones that have the emotional support animal do not have the same protections. If the dog is obedient I am ok with them but I will now allow unruly dogs/animals in my office. At any time I become "allergic" to the animal.
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                Don't get me started on those "emotional support animals" As I have mentioned before I use to manage tax credit property. Every. Single. Tenant. there had an "emotional support dog". I believe its just a way to get around the no pets policy. They also didn't have to pay a deposit if it was for a disability, emotional or physical, and it was never a problem getting a doctors note for it. They were all untrained loud ungroomed nasty pets that would jump on you, pee on the floor, etc.... The number one excuse for needing it? Anxiety. In the state of WA there is no difference between a working support animal or an emotional support animal. And its not just dogs. Ducks, miniature ponies, snakes, ferrets, bunnies, chickens you name it. And you cant say anything to them about it or it's discrimination. Seriously! One of the many reasons I dont do that line of work anymore. I cant stand the stupid!
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