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Not as thick-skinned as I thought...

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  • Not as thick-skinned as I thought...

    I have an auction ending in 17 minutes for a customer who is 3 months behind. I have dotted my i's and crossed my t's in the lien process and have crossed my fingers that he would come through with payment. He has given me so many excuses...hypertension, father passed away and this is all he has left, divorce, cold Minnesota weather has prevented him from making $, begged me to "do the right thing" and give him another month so that, "health and weather permitting", he can come up with the money to stop the auction. I am sticking to my guns here because this renter, who seems like a nice guy, has a history of delinquency. We own and operate our business in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Am I wrong to stick to my guns? I don't normally stress so much about this...I guess I just gotta vent this time.

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    Well, if you had more time-you could offer the option of pay half and vacate immediately. Have them sign a form that says If they fail to vacate within the agreed upon time frame the stuff becomes property of your facility and you can do what you want with it.However with 17 minutes to go I would say stick to your guns. He knows how to give a good sob story, but that doesnt pay the rent. I have only ever made 2 exceptions to an auction at the last minute and I regretted it both times because I was burned by the tenant.
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      Let's see. Been lied to how many times now by this guy and you are thinking of caving in? Played the sympathy card with you too. Do the right thing my a$$! Do the right thing and sell it and be done with it. Move on and re-rent the unit. In a small town the word will get around that you are a soft touch and the cockroaches will beat down your door. In 3 months how many chances has he had. gobs right!!!!!!!!!!

      I got thick skin and don't worry about it at all. i have said many times here, having a storage unit is a WANT and not a NEED. Adults make decisions and must live with them. The entitlement crowd will drive you nuts. That "Do the right thing" line is priceless. You are, if and when you sell his stuff and get him out of there.

      Even the nicest and sweetest people need a wake up call at times. Like you said, he is a nice guy but that doesn't pay your bills, does it.
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        I've worn your boots. I once let a guy string me along for a year for his unit since he'd 'always caught up'. Shake it off and keep going. You've done your due diligence.
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          Stick to your guns and be done with it. I've (we've) all been there. One tenant of mine stands out because she basically did the same exact thing. There were phone calls and email promising to pay, and phone calls and emails with excuses why she didn't. She showed up the day of the sale about 10 minutes after it had ended. She was in tears begging me not to sell it, but it was already gone. She had no money, so absolutely NO intention of paying anything even if it hadn't sold. I've stressed about selling certain units, too. Don't let them suck you in with their "woe is me" stories. Like wc1974 suggested, try offering a lower payoff with a promise to vacate. You'll likely get more than at auction, and the tenant gets to keep their stuff.
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            Stick to your guns! People will take advantage of your sympathy, I've seen it happen time and time again.


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              We have it happen all the time and we always loose BUT those decisions are made against my recommendations


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                Ohhhh we have all been there. It is a shame that he is stringing you along. He will keep doing it and there will always be an excuse. It always works for him. Maybe when it doesn't he will learn with you & others that he has to put his big boy pants on and act like an adult. You can refer back to the many months and all the excuses when he says (and he will) how terrible you are. Did you hear from him after the auction?

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