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SiteLink not supporting Outlook anymore

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    The vendors can call me out all they want to. Bring them on. I like QuikStor because they take care of me at difficult times with apologizes. I keep seeing all kinds of problems with other sites. When will people learn that cheaper is not always better? They are established and do a great job for me. I wish you well with whoever you choose.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      What has to be done? Call them and bug them. We pay money for that *&#%^ software. So why are they taking out perfectly working features? (Because they can't deal with Windows updates?)

      In our case, the reason I'm not mad (yet) is because I haven't done any changes to SMTP. And so far it's working with the old settings. (I'm guessing, until their next forced update.) I'm realty close to convincing our managers to switch our sites to a standalone software that would not have any of this BS attached to it. The owner was sold this "cloud-software" nonsense and we went for it without giving it a thorough look. I would also really like to stay away from whoever made that Site Link. I'm so fed up with them.

      As for your point about switching to SMTP, then yes, the part of "switching" is simple. What you brought up though is the problem. I brought this up in the very beginning -- that all of your sent emails will not appear in your Outbox if you start sending your egress emails directly via SMTP server. For some people this may not be an issue. But it is for us. We use it all the time to look up previously sent invoices, etc. There's of course a hack that can be applied here (that was suggested above) but we're back to square one -- why are we paying them for this kind service? Also having all outbound emails appear in the inbox will definitely mess things up.

      Originally posted by storage-gal View Post

      It sometimes bothers me that vendors post here . I got flack last summer over something I posted here and they called my office . I feel like this forum should be a place for us to be able to share our experiences with other managers and not have to take backlash from the vendors .
      Yes, agree with you 100%. I was threatened once by an Australian guy that used to run the Site Link company. He called our office once (and I guess tried to fire me) for posting criticism of their software. And yes, it's a shame that this open community allows it.


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        How dare a software manager/owner call any place and try to get a manager fired for expressing their opinion of their system. Dare 'em to try me. Maybe that is why I don't get approached by other companies to TRY their systems.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          You donít have to use Gmail or anything other than your current Outlook , you just have to change the settings on Sitelink Webedition . But , they wonít show in your sent box so you can set Sitelink so that you get copies in your inbox of all your emails that are sent via Webedition .


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            I post on here because I'm trying to help our customers (and sometimes, even those who aren't). If anyone from our office tried to get a manager disciplined for complaining, I'd tear them a new one.


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              Originally posted by bnr_manager View Post

              NO, it doesn't mean just a few lines of info. We currently have all of our outbound emails stored in Outlook's "sent items" folder. If we switch to SMTP they will have to go through our email provider and bypass Outlook, thus we will not have a copy of what has been sent. And we use this quite often. Additionally we don't use GMail or some other free service. We use our own domain name. This also means that we will have to pay our web designer to do this switch. The question is WHY do we need all this when the current solution is working quite well????

              lady5563 DairyGirl
              As for previous posts, yes, it's a legit message. It is going to happen on March 1.
              You can still have a copy of the email in Outlook, there's an option in Sitelink to BCC the site email on all emails sent. This is what I do and it works just fine. I even have rules setup in Outlook to move each type of notice/agreement into their own separate folders.


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                It took me a week or so to get everything working as it has historically. Hours on the phone with Sitelink and my email provider to try and solve why it was not working properly. In the end I had to switch from Intermedia to Office 365 in order for me to see the sent emails. It was not "hard," but it was very frustrating and massively time consuming. Depending on who you use for email service, it will be either a 5 minute switch or a long drawn out process. Also monitor your notifications for next month after switch. I had a few of them change format. Quick fix, but glad I caught it before it went to all customers.


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                  I guess, a1park, a welcome to the forum is in order.
                  "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                    Originally posted by bnr_manager View Post

                    NO, it doesn't mean just a few lines of info. We currently have all of our outbound emails stored in Outlook's "sent items" folder. If we switch to SMTP they will have to go through our email provider and bypass Outlook, thus we will not have a copy of what has been sent.
                    We use a custom domain with Gmail. We've been setup with SMTP in SiteLink for years because we would often have issues when using Outlook to send emails through SiteLink (usually when we had to send a lot at once...would lock up or fail to send a lot of them). Although we're setup with SMTP in SiteLink, all the mail that goes through the Gmail servers still shows up in Outlook, because it's syncing with the Gmail servers. I'm not sure why it doesn't work this way for you with your email server...must have something to do with your email server settings. For example, if I email someone a receipt in SiteLink via SMTP, I can go right into my Outlook and see it there in the sent folder.


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