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But I cant afford the unit now!

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  • But I cant afford the unit now!

    I love it when tenants call to complain that their rent increased and we " Didn't give them any notice! Isn't that illegal? I mean, don't you have to give me like 30 days notice or something?....." All the while I'm looking at their account and having to re assure them we did not raise their rents illegally, it was because the move in special they received has expired, and they just forgot about that part! That little section on your lease that says what discount you got and when it expires- it means something! Then the negotiations start: " Well can't I get another discount? What if I transfer it to my husbands name? Can he get the discount then? Why aren't you working with me, I cant afford this price!" Uh excuse me, I didn't make you rent the space lady! She of course threatened to move her things out today, but was shocked when I said she would need to pay the balance before she got access to the unit. Why is this even an argument? Do people not realize they signed a lease, they did not honor it, and now they don't want to pay, and they want out of it- and if you dont give them what they want they have a tantrum. Please, call your attorney, I'd love to hear them explain how a lease works.... Cue eye roll.....
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    Well - it IS your fault that they bought that new (insert item here) and now they can't afford to store the rest of their toys. There are situations where I feel for the person, like a death in the family and they have lost the main income in the family - then they are in such a mental situation that they can barely function. But just because you signed a contract and don't want to pay it doesn't mean I'm going to let you take all of your stuff out without paying Something.

    That's where I think a 'buyout' is the best idea for both. Get your stuff out of my storage - pay me something for my trouble in dealing with and trying to contact you and don't ever come back. Usually my buyout was $300-$500 depending on the size of the unit.

    I love the ones who say "I need to get something out of it so I can sell it and pay you". Yeah. Um, I'm not going to let you in to the unit to take out everything you want and leave the rest of the crap to me cause I'm also not going to follow you to the Dealer/Flea market/Resale store/pawn shop.
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      Originally posted by Tall Terri View Post
      Well - it IS your fault that they bought that new (insert item here) and now they can't afford to store the rest of their toys........
      Yeah! Its always the managers fault LOL!
      You Laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You take my coffee...may God have mercy on your soul....


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        You have to know I am going to sum it all up in one word......entitlement!
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