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    I have a tenant that rented her unit in August 2018. She has never moved into the unit nor ever put a lock on her unit. It's totally empty. She pays for her unit each month but in February her check came back for insufficient funds. I have called her (had to leave a voicemail), sent a verified letter and an email. She has totally ignored us. She now owes for March as well. I would like to evict her, but also need to recoup what she owes us. Can I evict her? She is currently locked out of the gate and we have a lock on her unit. Thanks.

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    If there is no lock and no response I'd move her out and eat the rent she didn't even use. And use that as a lesson that the lock MUST be put on before the tenant leaves the premises. You received rent for an unoccupied unit already, just cut your losses and move someone else in.
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      I second KrisinNC's opinion. Our lease states you must put a lock on your unit whether there is product inside or not. Have you checked to make sure they didn't just put a lock on another unit altogether? This has happened in the past.

      The client doesn't care if you lock them out as they don't have anything that they need or have stored anyway.
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        Agree with the others. Like @TallTerri stated, make sure she isn't using a different unit by accident. If all occupied units are accounted for, close this one and move on. Document everything about the unit being vacant w/o lock since the day of rental so she can't come back later and want her money back because "I never used the unit".
        Just out of curiosity...has her gate code ever been used?
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          In the 5+ years here I have had approx 10 tenants that rented units but never moved anything in. They can store "air" for all I care. When they rent a unit I "make" the tenant go thru both gates and drive to unit and put their new lock on the unit, no exceptions. It happens. People "need" a unit, they feel and then plans change overnight.
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          • KrisinNC
            Reply to The Customer Is Always Right
            by KrisinNC
            If someone is unhappy for a reason like being locked in after hours, then 'too bad so sad', should remembered the rules. If someone is unhappy because there was a leak in their unit or something like that then I'll try and help them out, transferring to a new unit with a discount perhaps....
            Today, 04:50 PM
          • pacnwstorage
            Reply to The Customer Is Always Right
            by pacnwstorage
            No appeasement needed. I treat them all the same and make them aware at the lease that I show no favoritism. All that may cause a problem later is all covered during the lease and is initialed and signed. From that point forward they do ask they promise to and we will get along great....
            Today, 04:38 PM
          • pacnwstorage
            Reply to Vendor Representatives
            by pacnwstorage
            I always ask any commercial account what is going to be stored in the unit and how often will the unit be visited? Other than that, no matter who they are, they follow the same rules and regulations as anyone else. I also never ever accept shipments for them.
            Today, 04:36 PM