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    One of our customers gave us her PO Box to send her mail. We have her ID with her street address but she asked us not to use that. I can only assume that there is some kind of trouble and she didn't want the street address used.

    I put in her PO Box as the mailing address and then under 2nd contacts and notes I put the street address. If I didn't have an ID with a street address I wouldn't have rented to her. Ok?
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    Sounds good to me. My first facility INSISTED on a street address first and po box as alt. Very rarely did DL address match actual address because CA doesn't update the actual DL if you move-just a note in the computer/ Here it's not an issue.
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      I use either but the actual home address for anything mailed because at that point it would be in lien. Every other notice is sent email. Only one tenant did not want lien notice sent to home address and I said it will be that or they move out. Still here. I did tell them I would send lien notice to both the home address and a P.O. Box but then it is double on any charges from doing that.
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        There are areas here where the post office doesn't deliver to the home, so they all have to pick up their mail from their PO Box. Also here is another scenario , let's say there is a husband or wife that is getting it because of domestic issues.

        We want their legal mailing address, which a PO box is fine for or ever required in some cases.


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          I had a PO Box because I lived in a rural area and the mail would be stolen. I didn't even have a mail box for the mail to be delivered in. The PO box was my legal mailing address. I would send it to the one she wants it to go to.
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            Not saying one way or the other but giving a possible reason as it's happened to me in the past.. The lady in my situation did not want her husband knowing she had a storage unit which is why she did not want anything going to her main address.


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              I have no problem using a P.O. Box as a mailing address as long as you have a valid ID with a physical address. Sometimes people don't want their spouse to know they have a storage unit for one reason or another. I won't refuse a rental because someone has questionable extra curricular activities.
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                The only problem I see with this situation is if the tenant gets behind on her rent. If your state requires you to mail notices to both the primary and secondary address on file, then mail would end up going to her physical address. Since she did ask you not to use her ID address, I'm presuming she didn't provide that address on her lease. If this is the case, you may want to consider removing the second address from your computer system, but red flag her file to triple check it before any auction proceedings.
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