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  • Vetting Contractors

    How do you vet contractors for long-term or one-time projects?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    We look into the reputation of the company either online or through other means, we also require proof of insurance and contractors license.


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      Depends on the job- I currently don't vet anyone because we have a vendor coordinator who takes care of all the properties needs. But I used to manage apartments. If its a big job, I would ask for a quote, 3 references from previous clients, see what kind of warranty they affer,and made sure they were properly licensed bonded and insured.If its something minor I would get at least 3 quotes from different vendors and go with the one who would do the most work for the least amount of cost.ALWAYS get them to put exactly what they will do in writing down to the last penny.
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        For smaller, maintenance type jobs, I've found that if you find someone you like and treats you fair, then you continue to use them. You can waste a lot of time getting vendors to give you a bid. Now if it's a large job, then I might get a few bids, but I usually go by reputation.


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          Most of our vendors are someone that our property management company has used on jobs for other properties they manage. The only exception is my gate vendor. I got their name from the, now former, manager of another facility.
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