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Getting rid of "non-tenant"

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  • Getting rid of "non-tenant"

    I'm sure I've come across this topic and probably even commented with "you need to overlock the unit", but now it's happened to me and I'm at a loss.
    Woman comes in yesterday (I'm very familiar with her as she is a former tenant - I'll call her K), to pay on her parent's unit. She informs me: 1. the actual tenant, her mother, died 2 years ago, and 2. her father, who had been paying for the unit, died just this past January. I had no idea of either. So, K and her daughter C, have been storing their stuff in the unit and daddy has been paying. K was in to pay the rent for the month because she had to let me know dad died. She asked if I could put the unit in her name. I said no. She had 2 units here previously; one she moved out of owing money, the other was lost at auction. So, no, I'm not renting to you. (Fun fact about K; she's the woman my former employee wanted hired instead of me...I posted about him in the "conflicts" topic a few days ago). She, conveniently, doesn't remember anything about what happened to her units. She said she does have paperwork naming her as administrator, but apparently, it also names her sister. I've never heard of that and think that would be super confusing when trying to deal with something like this. Anyway, I said since the sister can't be here to sign off on K putting the unit in her name, I told her it would be best if she just vacated. I said I'd take the rent she was there to pay, but she had to be out by 6/15. My thinking is this...I have 2 people, K & C, using the unit, with no lease on either. Yes, I could have locked them out and overlocked the unit, but my goal is to get them out. I should have given her a lease termination notice yesterday but didn't. Should I just go ahead and send one now just to make sure I'm covered? I know I don't have to put a reason for the termination, but I think it would be better if I did. What do I say other than "tenant deceased"?
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    I spoke with the managers of our other facility and they said to give her a chance to actually vacate the unit. If she isn't vacated by the 15th, have a lease termination notice ready to give her if/when she comes in to pay. I've put as the reason for the termination "tenant deceased and current occupant(s) must vacate the unit and premises". I will also mail one at that time to the address/tenant named on the lease.
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      I would send the termination and state that it is because of past history when she was a tenant at the facility. Document, document, document. Stand your ground and get her gone. It is obvious you don't want her there so why drag it out. The lease is set up that way for a reason.
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        Tenants, or should I say occupants, are gone. Checked the unit this morning and while they left me a mattress and some empty boxes, at least they are gone and I don't have to deal with them anymore. Her 'non-payment' issues are someone else's problem now. Haha
        I will say, though, for a 10x15 unit, they sure had a lot of stuff in there. Twice-daily trips every day last week with a small-ish flatbed trailer FULL of stuff.
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