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    What does your collection process include? Do you send e-mail reminders, make calls, etc. What seems to garner the best response?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    Texting seems to be my best result-then email, then phone calls. We, of course, also send snail mail as required by the state.
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    WA State


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      Call, email, text...whatever way we can to contact the person. We will send statements both USPS and email (if they've provided an email address). The best result is different depending on the tenant, but text seems to be very popular. Some tenants will only respond to a particular method which is also a case-by-case situation.


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        Email is 95%. Calls are the rest. Don't have to mail anyone until I send a lien notice cert letter. They are big grownups. they can fend for themselves.
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          Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post
          Email is 95%. Calls are the rest. Don't have to mail anyone until I send a lien notice cert letter. They are big grownups. they can fend for themselves.
          I do 90 percent of collections via email . I donít text, I have 600 tenants , way to time consuming . People know when their rent is due , I am not a babysitter . Agree Pawn , they are grown ups ( collection calls usually end up with them blaming me that they are late ) . We have no storage laws in our area and our contract clearly states what happens if you donít pay your bill .


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            we send late notices, both mail and email if we have one, if we have time we will call them the day before the lock goes on as a "courtesy". We only call when we are slow. lien notice goes out at 60 days, at which point our software quits sending notices for some reason. (This just came to my attention-it didn't use to do that) After that its regular auction notices etc.
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              Text messaging gets the best response here but we also send snail mail, email and phone calls.
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                Mly software automatically sends texts and emails as I have instructed. I only send letter when past due over 10 days. As of today I have only 4 tenants past due from the 1st out of 100.


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