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  • Superman Property Manager Software

    Does one exist? Is there one that can do the following:
    1. Print out leases
    2. Allow manager to add Specials and set end. Smart enough to add late fees as appropriate while on special.
    3. Email tenants the days before they get the first late fee
    4. When customers name is entered, can automatically determine if customer is on a Do Not Rent List.

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    We use Sentinel Winsen and it's a PIA, definitely doesn't do the tasks you listed.


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      Quik-Stor does 1 and 2, 3 has to be manually done and 4 is something we manually put together.
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        Agreed, I believe that QuikStor will come the closest to what you are looking for.
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          I think Syrasoft does all of those things. I have mine set up for 1, 2, and 4. Pretty sure that item 3 could be set up too (I have mine set to print/email late notice and apply late fee at the same time).

          I send a "friendly reminder" or credit card declined (for autopay clients) on the second of the month so that they have time to receive the letter and pay before the late fee applies on the 9th.
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            Originally posted by KrisinNC View Post
            Quik-Stor does 1 and 2, 3 has to be manually done and 4 is something we manually put together.
            Sitelink is the same.


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              Hey QuickTrip ... As Steve_hajewski (and thanks Steve!) stated, Syrasoft does all 4 and as much as I'd prefer we be the only option, all of the software vendors should be able to. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to see a demo, I highly recommend reaching out to at least 3 software vendors to see what works best for you. We all provide a ton of the same options and services, but what's most imperative is you find a SMS system that works best for you and your facility.
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              Syrasoft Software
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                Thanks everyone! And it's good to know there is one software, Syrasoft, that can do it all.

                I'm just a relief manager, so I wouldn't be the one to make the decision concerning the purchase of another software. BUT, if the conversation comes up, I will mention Syrasoft.


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