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Tenant in final lien status wants to get a deal

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  • Tenant in final lien status wants to get a deal

    So, I have a tenant who is always on my late list. Her story, and it may be true, is that her husband is in hospice and her grown children are out of the area. She wanted us to waive the lock cut fee or let her pay one month and 'pay the rest later'. I was apologetic but firm. I cannot take a partial payment while in lien status. I told her that after the lock cut she could pay us half of what she owed and clear out the unit.

    She complained bitterly that she had no one to help and nowhere to put the items and it was her children's things from her dying husband.

    I told her she could call local churches or ask the place where her husband is in hospice at, but she brushed that all aside.

    *shrug* I feel bad but it's not the first time I've heard this
    When I had all of my ducks in a row-I realized that most of them were not even mine!

    WA State

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    Kris although I too feel for tenants when they say they are in a bad way, we are still just running a business and doing our job.
    Although you can sympathize with her and communicate that as well, there is nothing more that you can do.
    Her children are grown, she said that herself, so why then is she holding on to these things from when they were young?
    They live out the area so they must have the means to support themselves and if Mother doesn't want to ask for help from them why would she think that you could do anything for her?

    Stay firm.
    No partials.
    I would attempt to collect at least 80% of the balance due and she must vacate.

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      Stay firm. Remind her that the kids should step up to pay and help her. They can either do that or see them go away at auction. She needs to grasp the idea of this being a business.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        I know-I tried. Not much more that I can do.
        When I had all of my ducks in a row-I realized that most of them were not even mine!

        WA State


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          KrisinNC, I posted something similar a while back about this. Its really hard to hear about people who are actually struggling with health issues,who tell you all about their hardships and are begging for help. Its also one of those things where we hear so many sob stories over time it kind of makes me a little indifferent to it. I feel like a total B**** having to tell them NO because of policies that very strict and I have to remind them, like Pac said, its a business- no one forced you to rent the unit. There has been maybe 2x that I was so moved by a situation I have personally stepped in to help or contacted my church to see if we could do anything to alleviate the burden- but most of the time I see it for what it is: they chose to put it here, they can move it out. We are not a charity or a social services center. I keep a list of local churches and other organizations that help people who are struggling. If they truly want a hand up they will take the information and will try everything they can. Otherwise, I figure they only want a handout, so I wash my hands of them.
          You Laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You take my coffee...may God have mercy on your soul....


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            Plus, the time to negotiate and ask for help should have started a long time ago. I am always willing to at least listen to what they have to say but there is always a string of info that is used time and time again in all these lame excuses that tenants use. It's like they all read from the same book and use certain quotes from that book. Kris, just wait till the pleading calls start coming in from the kids. Happy happy joy joy at that point.
            "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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              In my 10+ years of experience, those that are calling or coming in when they are due or even 1 day late, those that call or come in, they seem to be the more honest person.
              They call or come into apologize that they are late, they are telling us when they intend to pay.
              They apologize profusely.

              The ones that wait till the last hour or the 3rd consecutive month of no payments and with a laundry list of why the didn't and why they can't pay......they are the trouble maker, the storyteller, the "I got no money" tenant!
              Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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