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Requirements for Car Storage

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  • Requirements for Car Storage

    What are your requirements for a customer to store a car? Thanks.

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    There are gobs of threads about this very question.

    Always make sure the tenant and the name on the title for the vehicle is the same. Always get a copy of the CURRENT title or registration. Always make sure there is a drip pan or two under the vehicle for fluid leaks. Always make sure that the tenant knows they cannot work on the vehicle at the facility. Because of the chance for fluid leaks on the floor, if I had my choice, I would charge a refundable deposit. If it goes to lien you will want to do a DMV check to see if their are other lien holders for the vehicle and lien notices need sent to them as well. You can have a tow company haul away at a specified point of the lien process and let them deal with the rest. What does your state statutes say?
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      What pacnwstorage said, plus you should require it be driven in under it's own power and not towed. Decreases the chance of issues down the road.
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        We require the vehicle is registered in this state, to the person filling out the paperwork. If they cant provide a Title, we require the Lienholder information upfront. If it has out of state tags or paperwork we decline the rental due to other states requirements are different than ours when it comes to auction, etc..Just makes it more difficult to process. It also has to have current registration and insurance. If they cant provide that info its a hard pass.
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          Your call of course but personally I don't care if the vehicle has insurance. Just like all other tenants, it is up to them to insure their items/vehicles. But whatever works for others is great. I seem to always forget that it needs to be driven in. No tow trucks or trailers dropping them off. That is a recipe for problems. I never thought about out of state tags and wonder if that state lien laws would take precedence over the state that the vehicle is stored in but it is something to think about.

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            We have a form (outdated and the site managers don't abide by most of the form) that requires: current inspection, title or bank info and contact, registration. Doesn't matter if it's towed in. The Title has to match the unit owner's name. Otherwise, the site managers have their own rules as long as nothing negative happens. The only thing that they all do is make a copy of the title.

            Just curious....


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              This is one of the downsides of running an unmanned site. No way to enforce anything related to vehicle storage.


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                I recently ran across this as well.

                We are a manned site part time with 24 hour access. I currently tell people on move in that if they are storing any kind of motor vehicle (boat,car, ATV, etc) inside one of our units, they need to disconnect the battery before leaving.

                The owners were floating the idea of prohibiting vehicle storage inside units altogether but how would that be enforced? People can move in anytime and I have no idea what's inside a locked unit....



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                  Since I am a one man show I do remember who told me when storing anything with a VIN number on it. As I have said many times here, I am very nosy. When I am out on the facility and a door is open, I LOOK IN THE UNIT and if I see anything like that I first check the file in the office and if there is no paperwork then I contact the tenant about it and tell them what I need and if I get push back I tell them I am locking out the unit till the vehicle is removed or they provide the copies of paperwork I need. In almost all cases it is a motorcycle.
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