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    I had a customer that moved in back in the spring. Paid fine the first couple of months, then started getting slow, always some excuse but would pay around the 15th of the month. Last month I got the same sob story this month and I agreed for him to pay on the 14th but was very stern in telling him he must pay as agreed on the 1st in the future. Well, I'm checking the units on the 15th, and he has moved out!! When I called him he told me he was dissatisfied with the unit; he had found some grass clippings under the door and some rat droppings in the unit. I told him that we just had the area treated for rats on 8-1 and that I had no control what he or others brought into the units. (Items already infested). That seemed to make him madder. I explained that the rental agreement he signed stated that if he occupied the unit on the 1st that he was liable for the entire rent. I asked him when I could expect the amount due and he mumbled something and hung up.

    Is there anything you would do other that threaten him with collections or threaten to take him to court? I've never used a collection agency and really don't think I'll actually go to court over $68.00.

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    Put him on your 'Never rent to this SOB again' list and call it a wash.
    When I had all of my ducks in a row-I realized that most of them were not even mine!

    WA State


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      Like Kris said, add him to your list of people never to rent to again and be done with him.
      Too many freaks, not enough circuses.


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        What a jerk!
        This is why you should never deviate from the rules.
        Chalk it up as a lesson learned and get the unit rented again!
        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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          Agreed with above... on the bright side he did not leave you with a unit full of trash.


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            It could be a lot worse. I would just wash your hands of it and add him to your DNR list. It's not worth the 1/2 months rent to pursue.


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              I have said the same as lady5563 many times. You deviate from the rules and policies and what the lease says and it will bite you in the a$$ every time.
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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