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Easy Storage Solutions Problems?

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  • Easy Storage Solutions Problems?

    Has anyone else been having issues with ESS, particularly their credit/debit processing systems?

    We have been having major issues with their systems and they don’t really seem to care. I’m very disappointed in the downward turn in their service quality from when we started with them. We are talking about finding a new software company, because these issues are making us look bad to our customers.

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    I haven't noticed any problems. I do know the cc processing company they used has sold out to a new company.


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      We are on our third cc company with them in a year and a half because of various problems. We are now using their new in-house processor. So after I posted this today, I got an email from them that they accidentally deleted the credit/debit card info of a portion of the customers at all of our facilities. Apparently this happened to quite a few of the facilities using them. You can imagine the kinds of words that came out of my mouth.

      So I had to spend hours today trying to get ahold of our customers, most of whom I’ve been unable to reach so far. These ridiculous issues are putting me past my tolerance level.


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        My bill is from Merchant Services. That is who ESS signed me up with. Also, I had used them in a previous business with no problems whatsoever.


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          Yes, we used them prior to this. They were fine for our facility when we signed up with them 8 months ago. When we tried to sign up a new facility with them, we were told they had stopped fulfilling they PCI compliance questionnaire (500 questions and takes hours, most of which I couldn’t even begin to know how to answer). They know that it’s nearly impossible for anyone without some kind of tech degree to fill out, but I was told to just “do your best.” I refused to comply with that BS, because if I fill out the PCI compliance questionnaire and make a mistake because I don’t know the answer and don’t understand the question, we can be held liable if something happened.


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            I would quickly switch. Sounds like bad business.


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              Hey WendyC,

              I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the credit card processing system. As twotojoe mentioned, our competitor purchased our partner in credit card processing, so we created our own credit card processor that is all through us now. Are you currently using Easy Storage Payments?

              Let me know! I'm happy to help!

              Thank you!

              James Hesch
              [email protected]


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