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    Originally posted by merman View Post
    i don't rent locks and never would. Too much liability. I sell new disc locks only, cheaper than my competitors i might add. We charge a $50 fee to cut the lock if you lose the keys. They don't have to use mine, but there has to be a disc lock on the door, no exceptions.

    A couple weeks ago, a customer decided not to buy my lock and put his own old disc lock on and the key broke off inside. Of course it was my day off, he had a truck full of stuff and he's a contractor that had to unload his truck and grab some tools from his unit to do a job that day. He spent the better part of an hour removing the lock and mangling the door latch in the process. The next day he paid me 50 bucks and i installed a new latch. Shoulda' bought my lock. :-)
    edit: I forgot, he also snapped one of the teeth off his bolt cutters.


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      Originally posted by NCstorageguru View Post

      @pacnwstorage Can you share where you order these locks? I am interested in doing exactly what you do.

      I call Move 'N Store at 800-562-7900 and I typically deal with Penny. Her extension is 8756. You get free shipping when you order a certain amount. Tell her you are interested in the ABUS 28/70 lock with 2 keys. You can also get them in "matched sets" of two and those come with 4 matching keys.
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        This, as mentioned before, is most likely the cylinder lock that is being used at newer facilities. Some older facilities are retro-fitting the latch/door and then selling (or renting) the cylinder lock (because it is not commonly sold at hardware stores). I think this is being pushed as a way to sell (rent) a lock to every customer to generate revenue. I was able to request a sample from my lock vendor because I was interested in the installation and security of the lock. I liked some of the features of the lock (key control and overlock feature) but was not to keen on drilling a hole into my maintenance door (or every door for a retrofit). Being an older facility, I have two sets of overlocks with different keys - it would have been a way to 'enhance' security and get back to one overlock key.

        In regards to the locks, I have not found any lock that could not be opened or cut or removed from a storage unit door. Some might take longer than others in terms of time but they ALL fail (and sometimes you can just bypass the lock). There are only a certain number of key cuts or combinations for every lock. I had a tenant that had a key that opened another lock (he was older and went to the wrong unit) he wanted me to come out and see for myself - his key opened the lock no problem (a possible issue if ordering the same style of lock, over and over again). If you really do not want to sleep at night, check out The Lock Picking Lawyer.

        Self storage, in my opinion, is an apartment complex of peoples stuff (a large number of tenants, coming and going) and there will always be issues. Cameras and manager vigilance is the best way to mitigate issues (or resolve issues) but it is a combination of various security features that work together to keep the facility safe and secure.


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