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    Our gates do not open until 6AM. At 5:31 I am awakened to the wonderful sound of our security alarms. The alarm is right next to the bedroom door and very loud. I get out of bed and as always I look out the bedroom window and I see someone parked by the keypad with their bright lights on. That should not set off the alarm so I get my .357 and puts shells in the cylinder and walk out in my bunny slippers and bathrobe to see what type of service this wonderful person needs.

    As I exit the door the apartment door the passenger door opens and this petite young lady gets out and says her boyfriend needs something from his storage. I reply. "No, the gate is not open until 6 AM."

    I walk in the apartment and get that feeling that something is amiss. Standing there it hits me that the only way the alarm goes off is if something triggers a beam or motion sensor in the property. So, I spin around and walk out the door in my bathrobe and bunny slippers and walk toward the truck. The young lady steps out and I say, "Is he on the property? Did he climb over the gate?" She says, "I am not sure." She grabs her phone and I say the police are on the way. She tells me he has a job interview and needed some stuff. At that point he comes around the corner and is yelling I am sorry. This is also the point where it hits me that I am wearing a bathrobe and it is 24 degrees. Ladies I do not know how you do it. He starts tossing over the stuff he needed for his interview. (Skis, ski boots and a bag). He says, can you open the gate? I said "Hell no, you climbed in you can climb out." (I was wrong, he could have broken something.) I spun around saying I will call off the police, but we have not finished this conversation. He said, "Sorry, but I did not know you had security alarms."

    The bad part is he is one of my favorite tenants. He is a fire fighter in the summers. It is going to be a long day.

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    Favorite tenant or not, you cause me to be disturbed like that outside of operating hours you will be paying whatever fee is in our lease regarding after hours accessing *hopefully yours has something regarding such actions*. I'd be even more annoyed as the girl knew damn well how he got in to the property and bold faced lied to you when she said "i am not sure" and that he needed stuff for a job interview. Someone willing to lie, and thinking it was ok to come on property as they thought you did NOT have alarms? For all you know he would of been there even longer had she not called him and actually been trying other units. Firefighter or not, doesn't mean they can't be thiefs.


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      There is just toooooo much here for me to go off about so I will hold back this time. Or it would be me and the tenant having a come to Jesus moment.
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      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Time for an eviction notice. That's breaking and entering. Nope. Not allowed.

        And was he interviewing at the top of a ski slope???


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          First, I'd like to compliment your style, bunny slippers are awesome. I have a pair of giraffe slippers myself! I would agree with Mama Bear. Eviction notice coming right up, along side a no trespass order for him and the lying girlfriend.I would also limit his access hours to office hours and make him check in with you every time, no gate code access.We have a false alarm fine here of $50. (If they refuse to pay it we can overlock the unit for unpaid fees.) Sorry your Saturday morning was so rudely interrupted!
          You Laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You take my coffee...may God have mercy on your soul....


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            I agree with all. (A little disappointed in Pac not sharing more LOL) I unfortunately cannot make the eviction or lockout decisions. But I did submit a strong recommend. No fines available either.


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              Originally posted by Bighank View Post
              I agree with all. (A little disappointed in Pac not sharing more LOL) I unfortunately cannot make the eviction or lockout decisions. But I did submit a strong recommend. No fines available either.
              Let's put it this way. That pair would not make it as criminals because they are too stupid and not even close to sneaky. Posts like this just trigger my inner need to lash out at imbeciles such as these two. Like you, I don't know what I would be up against when I get there so I would have also picked up my already loaded firearm and concealed it when I showed up at the scene of the crime, so to speak. Hank, as you probably know, "it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6".

              By the way, I know many here have heard me talk about a firearm or two. Just to let everyone know, I have only ever fired my guns at my favorite "2nd Amendment Theme Park". I have never drawn down on any human being or animal. It is the smart thing to do when I always stay away from confrontations that could involve a gun and I will back away in a heart beat to avoid pointing the gun at anyone. I just want to be prepared, like Hank is, in case the situation gets to the point where I would have absolutely no choice. That would be an absolute "Worse Case Scenario".
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              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                ugh ugh ugh. Are there signs? What's that saying, 'Plan Ahead' is one that comes to mind. That way you're NOT facing an angry manager in bunny slippers.
                Even duct-tape can't fix stupid. But it can muffle the noises.

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                  There are signs. But, even if there were no signs he should have thought the big iron gate was a clue. I always carry my pistole when the alarms go off. Never had to draw it out. My dad was Military Police for 25 years. He always drove home that a gun is the very last resort. But, do not carry unless you are willing to use it. Hope I never have to.


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                    Everyone pretty much covered what I was going to say except for one thing, taking time to load your weapon! It should already be loaded and ready to go. What if they broke into your home, do you think you would have time to fumble around with loading when you're half asleep?


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                      My wife and I both have our handguns on our nightstands by us every night *Hello stockton, ca!*. When at work I have a brass knuckle designed stungun on my belt and a couple different actual types of brass knuckles I rotate between in my pockets. People thinking they can set up camp in our trees along the property or our side field get moving pretty quick when they hear zapping start.


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                        Grizz… If they come in the apt.. They would have to get past the ferocious Chihuahua and a loaded Mossburg.


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