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    Hi All!
    What sort of forms, if any, do you use regularly to keep your owner or supervisor informed of your site's performance? Do you have to send daily paperwork to a supervisor? Until now I've never worked for an owner who didn't have experience with storage. This is their first facility. I've worked for bigger chains in the past and they usually gathered info in the background. As an owner what information would be most helpful to know?

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    Welcome-and yep, my last facility didn't require reports as they could access whatever they needed from Sitelink-first facility and this facility required daily reports and end of day reports.
    Basically-how many people came in, how many payments, checks, cash, credit card break-down-but all of that can be accessed on your self storage program.
    Both of them made an Excel sheet for the manager of the day to fill out to keep them updated for that days work. IT honestly is what the owner wants to read-just a recap or are they interested in the nitty gritty, including copies of checks accepted?
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      Depending upon the software you're using, you should be able to print out a daily or weekly summary of site activity, move ins, move outs, monies in, delinquency rates etc. Most s./w companies have included this snapshot type of report in their systems. I'd send that report once a week or monthly depending upon the interest level of ownership. If there is anything unusual occurring that would be worth sending an email, bullet points whenever possible. Just the facts.
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        My boss can access any reports thru SiteLink. When we do our daily close every night, we print out a Daily Close, Move Ins & Outs, Merchandise Summary, Financial Summary, and Daily Payments. We staple all this together with a copy of our deposit slip for the day and copies of any checks or money orders we processed that day that are listed on deposit slip. We keep all of that in a binder until the end of the month and file it with our end of month paperwork. That way, if we are asked about anything particular, I can go to that day's closing and tell them what they need to know.


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