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Google Maps and Adding Get A Quote

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  • Google Maps and Adding Get A Quote

    I'm wondering how many of you had downloaded the app to your phones and have added the add a quote to your google listings?
    If so, are you generating much business / and are you getting messages at odd hours of the night ?

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    I haven't seen much activity with it honestly. But I figure, if Google is giving me something to use...I'm gonna use it!
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    Jim Ross
    3 Mile Storage
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      I use this and it is not used very frequently. Also you get a generic message that just says I need a quote.

      I got one last night at about 8pm, I respond back asking for more information so I can help find the best unit for his needs. Then I hear nothing back.

      You can set an automated response, which I include a link to my web site and I mention it has all available sizes and rates and allows online rentals.

      It is my belief that the automated response gives them all the information they need. But it is also important to promptly respond in less than a hour to messages.


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