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PTI Rubber Keypad - Numbers Wearing Off!

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  • PTI Rubber Keypad - Numbers Wearing Off!

    So, we started cleaning our rubber keypad more often because they get so grimy. The numbers are wearing off. The # is already gone, and 1 is next. I do have a spare rubber pad that I can replace it with, but I am trying to figure out how to prevent them from wearing off.

    I have looked into getting a weather cover, but they only make them for the metal ones. Metal keypad would be great, but you have to by a whole new entry code box, not just swap them out. I even tried making new numbers with a label maker but it just falls off.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, anyone know what set of security screw drivers to get from Home Depot that works on the keypad unit?

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    I've replaced them a few times, if I recall, just a small phillips screwdriver is all you need once you get inside. A very small allen wrench (some call them hex key) is what you need to remove it from the housing.
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      It might not seem very professional looking, but if they are getting that worn off that quickly; maybe consider using your label maker to place the buttons numbers and such, but beside the actual keys. They will hopefully be smart enough to not press the label and instead, the actual keypad.....Although I do wonder about some people sometimes. We've had our keypads for several years and most of them are the rubber ones a couple of those have the weather covers, thankfully the digits aren't worn off, yet. We do have a couple metal keypads as well. When maintenance has switched them out, as Storman stated, he uses phillips head and allen wrench.


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        Replacing keypads is just one of the costs of doing business. I hate driving up and seeing a filthy keypad housing &/or worn out keypads. If that's one of the first impressions it tells me a lot of what I need to know about a site and it's upkeep.

        Stick to a little dish soap and a microfiber cloth to clean them periodically and replace as they look worn and tired. Don't use anything stronger or it will break down the material. Continual touching of entering the codes is going to cause normal wear and tear. It just is what it is.
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          Thanks everyone. I guess someone at some point replaced the screws with security screws instead of hex nuts, so I had to use a different tool.

          You are right that it is just the cost of doing business. However, I am trying to curtail costs by finding a way to keep the numbers from wiping of so easily. It is silly how quickly that happens, nothing should be that poor quality. There is enough other stuff to do at this site, if I can reduce the amount of time spent wiping a keypad it will mean no one ever has to pull up to my box and see it is gross, or that the numbers are starting to wear off. If I have to buy a new one every time numbers start to wear off, I would be replacing it once a week.

          I will definitely try the advice about the dish soap and the micro fiber. Maybe Windex is too strong.

          What I ended up doing is using packing tape and cutting carefully so that none is over the edge of the buttons. The tape is not a very strong adhesive, but it is my first experiment. Maybe I will try something with a stronger adhesive in the future, like clear command strips out of the package of hooks? If I can find something clear that will not fall off, it will mean the ink on the buttons does not suffer wear. I have a bunch of extra key pad buttons right now so I can try to come across a brilliant solution.

          Thanks again all!
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            I have purchased some used/reconditioned equipment that has worked good in the past. Save alot of money than buying new.


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