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The importance of at least pretending like you care

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  • The importance of at least pretending like you care

    Just had an email interaction with a non-storage business that reminded me of how important it is to give at least the impression that you care about the customer's concerns by at least taking the time to type a full sentence instead of two words I recently placed an order online with a company for four items, but received two separate emails (on different days) confirming the order had been shipped, but each had a different tracking number. So, concerned that they had physically shipped my order twice by mistake, I sent the following (XXXXX replaces the actual numbers):


    I placed web order XXXXX on March 14. On March 16, I received a shipment notification email with UPS tracking # XXXXX and the email stated it contained the entirety of my order (4 items). However, I just received another shipment notification today (March 17) identical to the previous email except with a different tracking # XXXXX. Is this simply a notification error, or were two duplicate orders shipped out? When I look at my account online, I verified only one order shows with a quantity of "1" for each of the 4 items ordered, and the only tracking number shown online is the first one (the one ending in XXXXX).

    I just wanted to bring this to your attention right away so you are aware if an error has occurred.

    Thank you!

    Just one.

    Yep, that's literally all they typed. Would it have hurt to express that in a full sentence and then maybe explain why I received a second tracking number? Sheesh. I guess I should count myself lucky that I was worth at least two words since obviously their time is so valuable. I have tenants who irritate the heck out of me, but I remain polite in our email communications and thoroughly explain things instead of responding like a robot. I would have responded, "Rest assured, we have shipped your order only once. The second tracking number was due to a second label created by mistake. We apologize for the confusion and thanks again for your order!"


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    The person that typed that is in an underground bunker out of harms way.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Well, guess what? The person who responded two words to my email was wrong and obviously didn't bother to look into my concerns, as I just received someone else's order today instead of mine. Apparently they shipped both my order and the next order number to me by accident. The second tracking number they sent me must be my actual order and is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday (sure hope it's correct). Hey, at least they didn't charge me for the other person's order!


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