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  • Refunds

    Last month on two separate occasions I've had customers come in, rent a unit, and return the following day asking for a refund and cancelation. They never moved anything into the units and I've felt that returning the money is the ethical thing to do. What do you guys do in these types of situations?

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    We also have a 72 hour "buyers remorse" period.
    They must not have attempted to come to the location, put anything in the unit and of course no lock must be on the unit.
    And ya know, we do TRY and get the tenant to put the lock on unit immediately after renting BUT sometimes when they are leaving the office and are instructed to go to the keypad, enter your code, go in and put the lock on, they all say okay and then turn out of the driveway without entering.
    By asking them to put the lock on ASAP, it can avoid having to give a refund!

    Disclaimer: I don't make the rules and policies, I just follow them to the best of my ability!
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      Only if they’ve not used it for anything and then yes , but I keep our $20.00 admin fee . I want to be compensated for staffs time to do the rental .


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        We have as well, keeping the $25 admin fee.
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          I would refund it minus the Admin fee. However, I have had an increase in people paying for months ahead of time, say 6 months. Then they come back in 4 months and say Oh gosh I don't need the unit anymore I want a refund. In the lease, on the addendum, and posted in the office it clearly states NO REFUNDS. I will tell them no, and show them the signs and their lease that they signed. If they push back and start to get an attitude with me at that point I just say sorry, I cant give you a refund. I work for a property management company that has a very strict no refund policy. If you wish to debate the point then you can call them and see what they say. Good Luck with that. Sometimes we will refund the money, other times no. Depends on the reasons and the tenant.
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            Oh yes, we refund minus the $20. admin fee too!
            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              I will only refund if they change their mind the same day and I can just void the whole thing. Otherwise, at the very least I keep the Admin Fee and the fee for the day they tied up the space.


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