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    Do you require that your tenants use a certain type of lock?

    For the last 10 years, we've required customers to use disc locks on all rented units. However, we currently do not have this stated in the lease. We aren't sure if there is anything that might come back on us from a legal standpoint. Does anyone have an answer to this?

    What we do have are "Rules and Regulations" — which effectively become a part of the lease (as per the section in the lease that binds our Rules and Regulations to the lease). But because we do not have this stated in the actual lease, customers do push back on this.

    We aren't even picky about the brand of lock or where they buy it - as long as they have a disc style lock, then they are adhering to our standard (and a certain level of storage-industry standard) of security. From our perspective, there has to be some kind of standard so all the locks look the same. One person who uses a non-standard padlock out of a row of 20 units is making themselves a target for thieves. Disc locks aren't bulletproof, but at least they are harder to cut with bolt cutters than any old padlock you can buy for five bucks.

    The customers who object don't always do so because of the cost of the lock - they do so just because we don't state the requirement in the lease, and some are just nasty about it. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to enforce this?

    Thank you!

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    I've required the purchase (or they can use their own) Disc Locks for over 15 years. I don't anticipate any legal problems.


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      We provide a free disc lock with their Admin Fee of $25. We strongly encourage the use of this lock, and of they purchase the storage insurance through our 3rd party company one of the questions on the form is: "Was a disc lock used?" We have a few dozen out of 605 that refuse to put the disc lock on, they bring in their own little padlocks they get at the dollar store. I warn them those are very easy to pop off or cut off, and I also remind them we dont insure their stuff for any reason, at any time.
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        We allow them to use whatever lock they choose. We've never had a break-in since the property was built in 2005. But we only sell disc locks.


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          We allow tenants to use whichever kind of lock they want, but suggest to them a disc lock (which is all we sell). Create an addendum that states a disc lock is required.


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            We provide the lock and keys since we use cylinder locks, but make them return both keys when they are done or they are charged a lock replacement. fee. Works for us very well


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