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  • Bizarre Phone Call

    Someone just reserved a 10x10 climate unit through our website for later this month. He just called me, and this is how the conversation went:

    Customer: "Yes, I just reserved a unit on your website for later this month. I'm confused by your units. I see non-climate and climate. What does that mean? Does non-climate mean it's air-conditioned and climate means it's not?"

    Me: [explains the obvious]

    Customer: "I also saw where you have a move-in special, 2nd month 50% off. What does that mean?"

    Me: [explains the obvious]

    He asked the "What does that mean?" question with a big emphasis on "mean" as if he was just completely befuddled. Seems like a nice guy, but wow, what an odd couple of things to be confused about. Just goes to show you no matter how clearly you word things, there will ALWAYS be someone, somewhere, who still is confused, lol!
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    What does that meeeannnn? It's a deal, just take it, pal.
    Even duct-tape can't fix stupid. But it can muffle the noises.

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      And by the way...just how big IS your 10X10 unit??


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        "On your 10X10 unit...what's the width of that?" "It's 10 ft" "Oh ok, and what's the depth of it??" "Yeah, it's gonna be 10 ft as well, bud"
        I have a 3br home to store, how much is your 5X10 unit?"
        We get that all the time asking what the difference between climate and non-climate is. Well, one is in a hallway with a/c in the summer and heat in the winter...the other one is like storing your items in a garage.
        "I need to store [insert large item here, that couldn't possibly fit in a hallway] can I get a climate unit?" You could but your ridiculously large item won't fit in our hall, so you should go with a drive-up unit" "Lemme get the climate" **10 minutes later** "I can't get my ridiculously large item in the hall" "Hmm, that's weird, let's transfer you to a drive-up unit, but there will be a transfer fee"
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          Oh just wait until you get in an area that markets all types of different "terms".... In our Vegas market looking at competitors we have climate controlled / air cooled / humidity controlled / in door *the insides with no hvac aspects* / drive up. Imagine that customer trying to find a unit in that town.

          Very rarely do I get those types of customers, the times I do it's either someone very elderly or so young they have no real world experience.


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            Yes I’d like to rent a 5x5 storage unit .
            Me: What are you storing
            Oh just a couple things
            Me: Any furniture ?
            Yes but just a bedroom suite and my kitchen set and another twin bed and a couch and a few boxes .
            Me: Well you’re going to need something bigger then a 5x5
            Oh really ? How much is that going to be
            Me: quotes prices

            Ok thank you . Click


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