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I can even sell units at competitor's facilities...dang I'm good.

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  • I can even sell units at competitor's facilities...dang I'm good.

    You know who I'm talking about, the person that calls in a rush, slurring their words just a little bit saying they need a unit right now and what do I have?. They don't ask for sizes, they don't ask about security, they don't ask any questions at all.

    Alarm bells ringing in my head. Yep, I have a unit, but it's probably way too big for you, and it rents for $300 per month. She says she'll talk to her husband and get back to me. Still, she has no idea what size it is, and I've added $50 to my regular rate because it's my last one and I'm leery. I cross my fingers that I've done enough to have her look elsewhere. I find her on Facebook because her name came up on the caller ID. Not the best content, and the husband looks sketchy as heck.

    She calls back, she'll take it, she's on her way. Darn.

    When she arrives, just as I suspected. Maybe high on something, terrible teeth, sores on her legs, car jammed with trash. She explains that she needs a place for extra stuff for the flea market, their van broke down and her husband is trying to fix it. It'll be a bunch of flea market items (trash). She then mentions that her other two units are full and they need more space.

    Other two units? Yep, two units at a facility across town. I ask her why she didn't just get another unit by her existing units across town, is she getting evicted from there? Nope, she said she didn't even think of asking them! So, as she sits in my golf cart outside my gate I tell her she should probably call them and see what they have, 2 other units of her stuff is already there. She dials them from my golf cart and I'm praying they have a unit and will rent to her. THEY DO! THEY WILL! IT'S MUCH CHEAPER! (because I added $50 to my price)

    She thanks me for suggesting she call the place where she already has 2 units, and off she goes.

    Man, huge sigh of relief late on a Friday afternoon.
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    Sounds like you dodged a bullet. I know the feeling.


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      Nice work


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        Great job! I totally get that sigh of relief.
        Even duct-tape can't fix stupid. But it can muffle the noises.

        WA State


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          spidey senses, gotta love them... in our area anytime someone inquires about "smallest unit" and "access hours" we are on guard.. I had one the other day who wanted the smallest then asked if we accept checks after refusing to say what she's storing other than "boxes". Sorry, nothing smaller than a 8x15 open "which is actually true", but you should check out so and so down the road, they usually have small units available.


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            I think they owe you a referral fee!!!


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              Originally posted by MamaDuke View Post
              I think they owe you a referral fee!!!
              I'd be happy to PAY them a referral fee for taking her.
              In no way affiliated with Storman software.


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