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What is your process for online move-ins?

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  • What is your process for online move-ins?

    We recently added online move-ins to one of our facilities via a StorEDGE website which launched on Tuesday. Once a tenant rents a unit on your website, how do you get them the unit number and gate code? I know once they sign the eSign lease, it sends it back to us to sign and is out of their control until we sign it. Do you follow up with them to welcome them and give them any additional info? Do you have them come by the office to scan their Driver's License or do you have them email it to you? I'm just trying to find a process that works for us! Thanks for the help!

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    I am still changing my processes with StorEdge Online move in's.

    Most of the people who rent a unit online, I end up talking to them on the phone first, and then directing them to the online move in process. This helps explain the process to most people ahead of time.

    Some people will rent a unit online without talking to you first. I contact all online rentals to go over policies and ask if they have questions. I also review the information they entered to see if they did so properly.

    Our rental agreements have my signature on the bottom of every agreement built into the form, so there is no need for me to sign each individual agreement.

    At the conclusion of a rental they get a welcome email, which includes their account number, unit number, and gate code to the facility. This also has completed documents, and map showing where their unit is in the facility.

    We require a drivers license number in the online rental process, but I do not require them to send me a copy of their license. If I have a person who can't complete an online rental I do require a picture or a scan of their Drivers License before helping them.

    Our office has been closed since March so them coming in is not an option.


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      I have to talk to them on the phone first to get a feel for them as a tenant. If they pass muster I then release a unit that they can then rent at the website. My units do not show till I allow them to show at the website. Then they still must see me, get keys for the lock, get the gate code, get a map of the unit location, go over the lase and they initial and sign and THEN, only then, do they get to go to the unit. I first take them in the golf cart to go over facility policies not covered in the lease. It works for me.

      No one ever gets to rent a unit unless I speak to them first.
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        We call them the following day and speak to them to collect information. I've had a few show up at the gate the next morning at 6 am trying to get in. NOPE! Even with crystal clear instructions, the general population is not that smart!


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          I send an email with the following information.

          We wish to welcome you to ***************. Your unit will be found on the *** Floor - come off of the elevator and take a right, go to the second aisle, turn right and you will find your unit down on the left hand side, Unit Number ****. Your access code is * your unit number, the last four of your phone number and the # key. This access code is needed to get you into the gate, into the door leading to the elevator and put it into the box beside the elevator before you call the elevator. Without the code, you will not be able to access the property. We have magnetic hooks on the inside of the units that we hang a sealed lock on for their use.

          Double locks are not allowed and this lock is a requirement of the facility management. There are certain things that are not allowed here to be stored and those items include explosive materials, NO FOOD! No mothballs, no liquids, no potted plants even if the plant is dead, no more than four tires, NO use of the dumpster and no smoking on property.

          Please email us a copy of your valid driver’s license for our files and if you call us we can make your access code a little more relevant to you and easier to remember.

          Letting them know how often they need to use the access code and making is partially something they are familiar with usually helps.
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