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Potential Tenants Wanting To Check Out A Unit First

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  • Potential Tenants Wanting To Check Out A Unit First

    I don't have an on site office and manage our units from home while watching my kids. I'm looking for some advice on what to do with people who call and want to see units before renting them. Often it leads to a lease sign right away, but we are so busy that I don't want to waste time running back and forth for people who don't commit. Thanks all!

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    Think of it as an investment instead of wasting time. You could also place markers on your office that would outline the sizes of the units to better help them get a visual on the sizes. We will be marking our office soon to this, but on the inside, so when it's raining or ugly outside, we can show them inside the office what the amount of space looks like. Otherwise just email them a sizing chart. I can count on 1 hand in 4 years how many people didn't rent after looking at a size or 2.


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      I run a location mostly remotely.
      I do get to physically go to that location BUT only when I chose to.

      So here is what I do.
      I keep all of my available units to be NOT manager overlocked.
      I do have a break away tag but sometimes I do not even use those.
      After I have determined that a prospective client wishes to view an empty unit I will then ask if they would want to text with me or use an email or just talk on the phone.
      Most select the text option.
      I then enter their info on my storEDGE account and send some texts.
      I will first assign them a unique access code and then send them some written instructions via the text.
      I instruct them how to gain access to the property, tell them how to find the unit, how to open and close the door and then how to get out of the property.
      I will then text them that they now have 24 hours to view the empty unit without me and that they keep in touch!

      Does this sound like a good option for you?

      Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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        May I also add that on our website we have a "storage calculator"

        Check it out!!

        I encourage ALL prospective renters to use the calculator!!
        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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          My perspective is that unless they rent completely online without making any contact with me, I will require them to look at the space first. Too many times the size they think they need is not what they need at all. I'd rather make them look at it first and save the headache of all the extra paperwork.


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            We do not operate out of an onsite office either. We use Davinci locks on our units. When someone rents a unit, they get to keep the lock. It also allows us to give someone a temporary gate code, unit number and the combination for the Davinci lock so they can check out a unit. Allows us to keep all of our units locked, people can't tell which units are rented or not rented, and allows us to do offsite rentals etc.


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