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Question about RV canopies

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  • Question about RV canopies

    Those with RV canopies... do you have problems with birds making nests in the purlins/beams and making messes on RVs parked below?

    We have a 3 sided building and are having problems with birds roosting in the units at night.

    We considered the bird spikes, but I don't think those would be practical in terms of cost, nor effective.

    Thank you!

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    What type of construction is your building? Is there a way to box out anywhere birds can roost?


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      Get a few fake owls or hawks and see if that doesn't fix the issue. At least short term until you decide on something else.
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        My boss didn't like this idea when I did RV storage but a few CDs hanging around the birds don't like them. (just a few doesn't look too bad)


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          I might look into the CDs....

          I attached a photo... right now the birds are roosting on the divider wall panels, as the panels stop short of the reaching the ceiling due to the purlins.
          My first thought was to place panels or wire to shore up wall panel/roof gaps.

          However the birds will just to move to the purlins, which are Zee shaped and will provide an ideal spot for roosting.

          And if I block the purlins some how, the birds will roost on the beams at the back wall of the unit.

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            A local restaurant solved their grackle problem with a little box that screams like a hawk every 2-3 minutes. Not sure of the brand, or where they go it.

            Beyond that I'd suggest a pellet gun.
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