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  • Staff meetings

    I have multiple locations, so I have quarterly staff meetings. I have 12 employees including my maintenance staff for reference.
    1. How often do you have a staff meeting?
    2. What do you cover?
    3. How do you keep your employees engaged?

    Thank you for the help!

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    1. We used to have them once a month and then work gets in the way and we stopped.
    We have sine started them again and we try and do them once a month.
    2. We cover recently asked questions that may have come up. Also delinquencies and just everyday storage stuff! I like the fact that we just have this line of communication with the OTHER facilities! It creates a TEAM environment even though most of us are a one person facility!
    3. From time to time we have contests. In a calendar month we may have who gets the most rentals to sign up for autopay will win free lunch on the boss!
    The contest may be who sold the most $ in retail items!

    Good luck.
    I LOVE the Team Meetings and I do appreciate when the home office has them! Otherwise, I would never know who the other members of the team are as we do not work in the same office!
    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      Thank you for the ideas and input!!!! Very helpful


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