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Winter Weather Tips

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  • Winter Weather Tips

    What are your best tips for dealing with rain, snow, wind, etc., at this time of year?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    Stay home.

    But if you must go out, slow down, brush up on your psychic abilities so you can anticipate what the idiot on the road is about to do. And, remember your defensive driving lessons and use them.
    Gina 6k
    VM: Four-Oh-Eight- Seven-Eight-Oh-Eight-Oh-Seven-Nine
    [email protected]

    You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!
    I am not an attorney, just an experienced manager who is willing to share what I have learned. Your thoughts, practices or opinions may vary and neither of us may be right.


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      I am just getting to use my new snow removal tool for the first time this year. I have a 6' snow blade on my John Deere 835m UTV. At first I was just going to use it for clean up, but that thing can do the entire job it seems. It working with another person in my 1 ton pickup with a 9' V plow made quick work of my most recent storm.

      I am considering taking it to my other locations with me for snow removal.


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        Since salt will shorten the life of buildings, it's important to do snow removal quickly. I have found that if I get in there and clear the place before my customers drive through it and pack the snow down, you don't get that layer of snowpack on the pavement. We had temps in single digits over the weekend, but even then the sun was melting the little bit that was left after I plowed.

        I do the snow removal myself since I was not satisfied with how fast any local service would do it. And frankly I kind of enjoy it. I use a Deere 1025R tractor with heated cab... snowblower on the front, plow on the back.


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          I just don't drive to where the snow is....(Tucson )


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