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    Originally posted by Kevin SC View Post

    Hey teesee150, I'm glad you asked because that is currently in the works. I'll reach out to our development team to try and get an ETA for you, because I'm not sure how far along they are on it but I definitely know that at the very least the preliminary steps have already started.

    We do have a finished integration with the Noke Smart Entry System by Janus as well.
    Thanks for the response. I'd definitely be interested in checking SC out if Davinci integration will be completed soon.


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      Originally posted by teesee150 View Post

      Thanks for the response. I'd definitely be interested in checking SC out if Davinci integration will be completed soon.
      Always happy to help. I'll send you a PM when I hear back from our development team.
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        Originally posted by SBAZ View Post

        Is the "ESS" Is that the "Easy Storage Solutions"? My boss would like to change software as the payment issue, we were forced to change to storable payments. I went to the website for the easy storage solutions, I am going to look into that. Thanks for the info


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          MikeA747. I wanted to offer you a bit more context on why we discontinued the countertop terminal. It was because the vast majority of our clients started using their websites instead. They told us it looks better (more on-brand) and is more flexible. We've learned that the facility will direct the potential tenant to their website to reserve (or even move in if that is enabled). This can be done either online or with the tenant in the office using a customer-facing monitor, i-pad/tablet with wifi, etc. This reservation captures the majority of the tenant data, so it will reduce most of the double-entry. The folks at the facility will then pull up the reservation and convert it to move in. We have even seen offices use QR codes that will direct a user to their website for reservation or move in.

          If you want to walk through any of these processes with our Support staff, we'd love to do so -- 919-865-0789, Option 2 or
          [email protected].

          I sincerely apologize that anyone blew off your concerns and questions about this, and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to provide you with these additional details. ~Amy C.


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            Like you Mike, I have been a Sitelink guy since the stand alone days of 2007 and have progressed to Web Edition and online rentals. I have never had an office and met with customers, which might be a little different than your setup, but I now only do online rentals thru my website. This forces customers to read and sign the rental agreement, enter required info (DL#, CC#) and allows them to do the rental at their own speed. These days, even when I answer the phone, which I ALWAYS do, I steer them to the website to do the rental. So, even if they are in your office, bring them a cup of coffee, settle them in , and have them do the rental with their smart phone. I wouldnt spend any more money on tech, just have a great website and only rent to people with smart phones and credit cards.


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              Thank you to all of you that have responded and shared some great ideas with us. I think the consensus is to do online rentals even if the customer is in the office. We have a tablet and are planning to start using that as a move in tool effective today using our website. The only problem we see with that is that The Storage Group which is whom our website is with doesn't interface with the Texas Self Storage Association lease that we use. So we would still have to have them sign the TSSA lease after they move in online. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

              We are also looking into switching to another software vendor as SL has become increasingly pricy with another rate hike this month.

              Arlington South Self Storage
              Arlington, TX


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                When I needed my lease in SL, I just edited one of the Lease forms, pasted in OUR lease in and added the appropriate fields to autofill.


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