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Not the tenant, can't discuss account, sorry

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  • Not the tenant, can't discuss account, sorry

    Tenant's daughter came in.

    "Yes, we're getting mail from you (must be the post office program where you get sent an email about what mail you have incoming). My mother is in the hospital, can you tell me what the letter is about?"

    "No, I'm sorry. It's your mother's account. If you have a Power of Attorney I'd need a copy before I could help you."

    "But if I come in to pay?"

    "I can take payments as it's not discussing the account. We have to follow the privacy laws, sorry."

    She was MIFFED. Stomped out of the office. (I now understand 'high dudgeon')

    It's a bummer because it's a rate increase so I expect we'll see her again.
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    I would have told her to wait for the day's mail and then just open it!

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      Gosh, that's tough. Estate planning is so important so you don't have this issue. You did the right thing.

      We actually talked to a probate attorney and will be referring tenants to them when this happens.


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