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Pennsylvania Tenant Disappeared

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  • Pennsylvania Tenant Disappeared

    I'm having a tough time getting an answer to this one.
    We are located in Pennsylvania, and have a tenant that has evaporated.
    Cell is disconnected, email bounces mail is returned "No Forwarding Address".

    What is the recommended method of handling this?
    We cut the lock, and it is just plain household goods.
    We took video, and relocked with a house lock. What now?

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    Lien sale it


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      I would auction if the correct amount of time has passed according to your PA lien laws. And once I found someone on Facebook, took a chance and IM'd him, he was having a lot of problems, I told him communication is key, I almost auctioned your stuff! He still runs 30 days late, but always pays up. I have even looked obituaries up, I usually find the people somehow, then if they don't respond, you know they are not going to pay.
      And I still send all notices to the addresses on file, even if you know they are coming back, as just follow your law, I looked it up, it is after 30 days you can start the process, (I have a lot of time on my hands, its HOT in AZ right now. I am doing things inside, I got here an hour early to take care of my outside stuff. )
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        Is it now time to schedule the lien sale?

        Have you never had to sell a delinquent unit yet?

        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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          You can do a couple of things first-check obituaries for your (his?) area, go to the county coroner website and see if the name pops up, go to your inmate locater for the county and do the same. Checking Facebook is a great idea as well. If none of them has a pop, then follow the Pa steps for Lien.
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