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    I've read a couple articles on allowing K9 Training at Self Storage Facilities. Has anyone tried this? If so, has it been good for the facility or more work than what its worth.

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    I did it years ago. The only work was adding an access code for them. Otherwise, it was just a nice thing to mention to prospective customers...especially if I thought they might be one to have the dogs find something!


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      One of my facilities is just down the road from a state police district headquarters. They occasionally train their K9s at my place. I like having as much police presence as possible.


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        If they ask I will usually allow it. Quite a few years ago I allowed it at one of my locations. The dog hit on 3 different units at the facility. The police got search warrants for the storage units. Then didn't wait for me to remove the locks. They didn't know how to cut off a disc lock at that time, they only had bolt cutters. Instead of waiting for me they decided to destroy the latches. Also they didn't find anything in any of the 3 units.

        I did a little research at that time, and found out drug K9's are usually wrong about 50% of the time.

        They had a multi year break from having access to my facility after that incident.


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          Thank you all for your input ... considering, that drugs/ homelessness (and all that come along with it) are becoming more prevalent in this area, I'm really considering it.


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            A couple years ago, our local PD and all surrounding PD would bring their dogs here. They never hit on anything and I had to keep the property closed and stay in the office while they did it (I could see them the whole time, they stayed near the office), just in case a dog went rogue and tried to bite someone lol. They came out 3 separate times and I enjoyed watching. Having all the cruisers in the parking lot was pretty cool too.


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              We are adding on to the facility and concerned about the security while adding on (the gate will be down in the back where the addition will be starting). The thought of having a Police Officer and K9 roaming around is kinda cool.


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                This is something I would definitely be interested in. Although I wouldn't want the repetition of search warrants, or damage caused by officers. Sounds like maybe a waiver/contract of some sorts would be a benefit.


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                  We've done this several times with local and county police. They usually bring in 2-3 dogs, put some sample narcotics in an empty unit or two, then walk the dogs around the building. EVERY TIME the dogs have found the correct unit! It's amazing! The K9 officers really appreciate the opportunity to train. We post pictures in our office and on our Facebook page. We've had some questionable characters see the pics and ask questions then decline to rent from us. Good!

                  Another benefit: We had suspicious activity from a tenant that we suspected was storing illicit items. We sent a letter "We just wanted to let all our clients know that police K9 units will be training at our facility over the next couple of weeks. If you see them, don't be alarmed." Not surprisingly, that tenant moved out very quickly.
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