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  • Door Maintenance Frequency

    Hello all,

    So we purchased 12x12 and 12x14 doors last year to use at our boat storage facility from a well known door company.

    They are wind rated, so they have the little clips/pucks that are attached to the door sheet and catch the tracks should the wind reach high speeds.

    Immediately when we installed the doors they were very hard to open and close. Not enough tension in the spring and they were very heavy to open and too much tension and they were hard to shut - almost had to stand on the door handle to shut it.
    The manufacturer recommended we lubricate the door tracks, which seemed to help at the time.

    Fast forward one year later and the doors are again difficult to operate, we cleaned lubricated the track again and then had to adjust the spring tension (tighten) because they were too heavy to operate. I am not looking forward to constantly messing with door tension every year on every door.

    How frequent do you all usually lubricate and adjust door spring tension? We have some other roll up doors (10x12s) that probably haven't needed adjustment in 10 years and still operate just fine with just a little lubrication now and then and don't require frequent attention.

    Thank you
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    Sounds like the springs are binding if it is that hard to shut some of the doors. Another issue could be the size of the door, are they just are standard roll up door?

    If you get on a ladder and watch the springs as someone else shuts the door, you would be able to tell if the springs are binding.


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      I would also suggest that you need to see the springs in action.
      Could it also be that the door is somewhat rubbing???

      It sounds like a spring issue though.

      Good luck and keep us posted.
      Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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