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    Hi all.
    Im new and due to open shortly and was wondering if i coukd ask for some experience
    1,Do you simply miss out on rent with bookings in advance if the unit is sitting empty intil the booking date?
    2, Is there a way to take bookings for an occupied unit on a customers wird that they will be moving out?
    3, Can or do you take payments online prior to I.D being presented to reserve units

    Thanks for any input in advance.


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    Hi and welcome aboard!

    When folks create a reservation, we set it out for 7 days.
    Meaning, we can hold an empty unit for 7 days only!
    If a person calls with a need for storage in one month----I will not hold it for one month.
    They can move in early OR wait until it gets closer.

    I work with a move out report but keep in mind plans do and can change!

    I do not take any $$ to "hold" a unit.

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      We will only hold a unit for 3 days. I do have a list of people for each unit size & will reach out accordingly but if they are not ready just yet I explain that it goes to the next on the list unless they pay to get it into their name. Most know it is hard to find units in this area and will pay the rent just to know it is there when they are ready. I keep a list of those that say they are going to move out but do not reach out to anyone until I know the unit is empty. We meet each tenant in person to rent it out unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent it. In those cases I speak with the tenant personally to take the info that I need to get them started. I make really good notes referencing the situation and what may still be needed.


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        5 days max.
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          I will hold a space until the end of the day. I don't have enough availability to tie it up beyond that if you don't want to pay for it.

          I NEVER expect a unit to be vacant when they say they're moving out! About 75% of the time here, they stay a month (or 3 years) longer than the initial move-out notice date they give!

          I used to require a reservation fee online. However, the local competition doesn't, so I don't anymore either.


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            It depends on how many of that size and type of unit I have they want to reserve. If it's one I have quite a few of, I'll keep the reservation until they are ready to rent it.

            If it's one that I don't have but 1 available, I let them know I'll add them to my list, with the stipulation that if someone walks-in to rent it, I will give them a call first and they will have to rent it right then. I get their basic info over the phone along with their card info (I send a text to them while on the phone so I have "written authorization to use their card" and also have them send a pic of their driver's license), then email them our tenant info packet and an autopay form for them to fill out and email back. If I call them for this reason and they don't answer, I leave a vague voicemail letting them know I'm just following up regarding the unit - then I rent it to the walk-in. Your walk-in customers are a guarantee money maker. Reservation folks...not so much. Plus it's extremely frustrating to hold a unit for someone, only to find out they went with a different facility without calling to cancel or anything.

            You can put in a reservation/lead for an occupied unit, but let them know it is not a guarantee the current tenant will vacate on Mamaduke said, we have tons of tenants that plan to vacate then end up sticking around for a few more months/years.

            For the online payments question: we don't do online rentals so I don't have that to worry about. We don't charge for reservations either, online or in-store.


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