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Hosting a Yard or Craft Sale

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  • Hosting a Yard or Craft Sale

    Have you ever hosted a yard or craft sale at your site? Tell us about it.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    Sorry, but no way. Tenants only inside the facility. There is one facility in our town that has built a special purpose building and they have a big garage/yard sale in it nearly every weekend. I think they run their auctions through there as well.


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      Over 10 years ago I started work at one of my locations that I still run.
      The previous owner had allowed the office gal to set up a 20x20 (Imagine that) unit with shelves and the office gal ran a "sidewalk" sale.
      In that neighborhood is a inside/outside flea market!
      I believe that office gal was trying to create her own flea market!
      So when my owners bought that site needless to say it was probably a good 6 months until folks realized there was a new sheriff in town and that this flea market would no longer be in existence!

      Only folks that have a unit are welcome on my property!
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        I encourage people to buy more junk, not sell it. You never know when you might need an ice chest with a missing drain plug and broken hinge, best just to store it here in a unit you pay me for, you'll be glad when you need it.

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          I like the idea of it, for those units that don't sell but have a few decent things in them, but I'd never do it. Like the others, I only want tenants on the property. I have had tenants ask if they could do it out of their unit and I won't allow that either.
          Too many freaks, not enough circuses.


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            I did this for two years at my first facility. It was a one way in and straight out, and the downstairs units were not accessible except the drive ups. The first one was super successful, the second one was a dud. I wouldn't do it again though.
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              I think it's great idea if that's the business your in......but I would not allow a bunch of random people not renting on the site.....with as many break ins I've delt with. Hard NO for me.

              I like everyone's items to be safe, I'm not a babysitter, don't need lawsuits for slip and fall or someone running into garage doors....never fun to deal with......


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