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  • Normalized Bookkeeping Costs

    Hi there,

    My company operates two sites, 60,000 sq. ft each. We are conducting an internal review of our bookkeeping costs and I'm curious to know what other companies spend on an annual basis. For some context, we are a little beyond using Simply Accounting/Quickbooks and some of the other off the shelf accounting software.

    Basically, excluding any statutorily required year end reporting such as audits, review engagements, notice to readers, etc, what do you spend annually on bookkeeping to reconcile your daily transactions? If you could also let me know if your company in turn generates monthly financials, quarterly or semi-annual, that too would lend some context to your answers.

    Most appreciated, as I am having trouble finding industry data specific to bookkeeping costs.

    Many thanx,

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    Re: Normalized Bookkeeping Costs

    I switched to HR BLOCK for my PR, AP and GL for 4 storage facilities and uhaul
    hour rate of $80 and small fees for 940, 941, w2 etc
    Monthly cost about $350-$400

    *my signature is in the computer. I can pay bills, especially PR, while out of town


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