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  • Boxes.......Boxes.......Boxes

    I have been researching boxes and have decided that I'm completely undecided LOL. I would like some input on selling boxes and where to order good quality boxes and a decent rate. Any thoughts?

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    Uhaul and CDS have good quality boxes.
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      We have a local company here, but they do have other locations, called Mac Papers. Mac bought Boxes, Etc. here in Nashville and they supply all of our boxes very reasonably. We have our logo on them.

      You SHOULD absolutely try selling boxes. We have been successful for many years offering a full line of packing supplies at all of our locations. And boxes are our number one seller. One Stop Shop.
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        We use Uline...
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          We order all our boxes and packing supplies from Global Industrial.


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            Here is another one for Uhaul, I have found them to offer the best bang for your buck


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              Sorry to cut in on here, but has anybody actually tried ordering boxes on Aliexpress or shipping the min from China? I'm pretty sure that with a bit of internet searching, you could probably find a good supplier of cardboard storage boxes that you could sell at your facility, although do bear in mind that you'll have to work out a good price to make sure that you're not losing money by offering that option to your renters. What does everyone else here do?
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