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    a 5x5 unit is the smallest unit we can currently offer. Do you have anything smaller? How much do they rent for? Are they very popular and what would you guess is being stored in them? I have quite a bit of dead space in a hallway that id like to add some small units to. I'm looking at these:

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    This building used to be the transit bus barn. Upstairs where the offices were we have 4x3,4x4, and 6x3 units. They rent for $50.00 to $60.00 a month. Those are mostly rented by people who rent a room, some homeless and students for the summer when they have to clear out the dorm rooms.
    We at one time had a hallway that was not really used. Turned that into a 5x11 room.
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      We have stacked 3x3x3 cube lockers at a couple of our facilities, and they rent for $25. Personally I don't like them. People looking for the cheapest option don't realize exactly how small they are. Most of those renters are homeless folk storing clothes or other treasures in safety, off the streets. The top one (stack of 3) requires a ladder which I feel is a liability.
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        We offer 5x5 "cubicles" which is essentially a 5x5 unit with a platform/floor 4' from the ground. The top unit has a taller height but we rent it for the same rate ($35) since it's not as easy to put heavy items in there. I wouldn't say they are crazy popular but we've filled 43% of them right now (we have 16 at 2 of our locations). here's a video we posted when they first came out We converted these from 5x5's which we had an over supply of.

        We're a price leader in our market and its nice to be able to say "storage units starting at $35" because it hooks some people inside, and once they see our facility they actually don't mind paying more for the larger unit that they need.


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          That's awesome! I really like the 5x5 cubicles. I've noticed the smaller units tend to attract "transient" individuals in our market but they do pay the most per square foot. I wouldn't want a ton of these but its nice to offer a good mix. I like the doors and how they swing. At first glance I wasn't sure if they were going to roll up. Thank you for sharing


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