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  • Average Revenue per Unit

    I'm curious what the industry standard is for Average Revenue per Unit. I fully understand that there are circumstances that could drive this but I would suspect there is a number out there that kind of sets the bar for the broad industry. I would live to know how my small company stacks up to this key statistic.

    Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you. Tim

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    It is hard to determine a general average rent per unit unless you were to consider the average rent per square unit. Although even this varies greatly depending on location. It is best to then just look at your local market to determine the average to understand the market trend in that area.
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      You and your company will be much better off if you focus on what YOU need to turn a profit and not what others are doing


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        Grizz Hunterrwebb the OP posted his question more than 2 years ago. Likely he's either figured it out or given up.
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          Originally posted by Storman View Post
          Grizz Hunterrwebb the OP posted his question more than 2 years ago. Likely he's either figured it out or given up.
          Hunterwebb doing link building spamming the forum by responding to old posts.


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            Please no link-building!
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