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I think I have a guy living in a storage unit. How to get rid of him?

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  • I think I have a guy living in a storage unit. How to get rid of him?

    So I rented a unit to a guy over the weekend. The next morning I am walking around checking the units and find a guy sitting in his unit on a bucket with the door up. No vehicles around, the unit has very few items in it, I see a box of food in the back, a cigarette rolling machine with fresh tobacco laying on it and some other misc items. I ask him what he is doing and he tells me he is re-arranging his unit. I ask him is he is living in the unit and he says he isn't. I explain to him he can't live in the unit and if I catch him I will throw him out. He says I do have 24 hour access right? I tell him he can access his unit 24 hours but not live in the unit. He then tells me he won't be living there but will be spending alot of time there. I watch him and he stayed all afternoon. I ask some neighbors and they tell me he has been hanging around for a couple of days. I just know this guy is living in the unit. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this guy? I don't have gated access. I thought about overlocking him as soon as I see him away. I am going to call the police if I see him there today but I have my doubts if they will do anything about it.

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    I am no Expert; But here's my opinion towards handling this,

    It ain't safe and even so Illegal - A storage Unit does not serve as a residence, Having been caught living in a storage unit, you can mostly likely evict the tenant immediately and his stuff. And I'm sure your rental contract should hold a point where it quotes "The storage unit shall be used and occupied only by Tenant, and only for the purpose of storing personal property, and for no other purpose without the prior written consent of Management" So you could file criminal charges anytime.

    Or as an action of being nice you could always talk to the guy and offer him pamphlets for local shelters/resources.

    Either way it's always trouble to allow people to use your units as a place to stay as one live-in renter may start a domino effect

    Hope this Helps in a way!
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      Get rid of him ASAP; he is living in his unit. You know it, and you have confirmation of that from the neighbors. Of course he's going to tell you no if you ask if he's living in the unit. And, the re-arranging/organizing the unit is an excuse. I've heard it too many times to count. Do you have a policy about food in units? For my facility, that's 2 lease violations right there, 3 if they spend hours at a time at their unit. Terminate him immediately, refund his rent if you have to, and trespass him from the property. You will lose good tenants if you allow him to stay.
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        Additionally, if you don't have something in your lease covering this type of situation, get something in there now. At the very least make if a facility policy that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and state what the consequences will be. I have a policy page that all tenants sign when they rent here. It covers everything from when their payment is due, to late fees, to lien sales. I have had to update my rules to include sleeping in RVs, boats, and cars is not allowed, along with units, because people will do it. Your consequence to this behavior needs to be immediate eviction with NO refund.
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          I don't even give a rip about the current month's rent in this kind of situation, if they are living in the unit it obviously means a lot more to them than to me. I'll prorate them out or even refund the rent if that's the argument. Just go away.


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            Boot him.
            You have a few options. Double check your rental agreement. If it has a line that states the company can modify access hours to ensure customer safety, rules are followed, etc., you can use that.
            It's fairly obvious what a storage unit that's being lived in looks like. Remind him it is illegal and you already know he is living in it. With those customers, I bring them a notice to vacate form with the dates prefilled for 7 days and tell them their options. They can sign the form and be out in 7 days and anything left behind will be thrown away or sold and we charge, or he's on office hours with an overlock on his door and he needs to talk to you each time to get in and you give him a letter stating the rent is going up in 30 days. Whatever the rent is, double it or more and he'll leave.
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              DairyGirl made a great point. One guy living on the property will drive people away. You will lost WAY more business than that one guy will ever bring in.
              A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.


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                  24 hour access usually invites trouble. Unless it's a commercial tenant, there is nothing anyone is doing in a storage unit at 3:00 a.m. that's above board. It's time to terminate this tenant. Start by over locking the unit, have a chat with him and let him know, it's not acceptable to "hang" or excuse me, "rearrange" the unit on a daily basis.

                  Let him know he can show up with a vehicle (preferably one large enough to load one time and be gone) and start removing his items but ONLY between 9-5 when you are there to remove the over lock. Let him know his access is restricted, no discussion.

                  No gate access? I presume your site is in a more rural area where people are usually honest...?
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