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California Storage- Nevada Plates, stored in California, non payment

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  • California Storage- Nevada Plates, stored in California, non payment

    Hello, I am new here and so happy to have found this resource. I'm hoping some of you can help me.

    I have a Boat & RV storage facility in California. We have a client who has not paid and their plates are registered in Nevada. Does one know how I properly lien or get rid of this vehicle when it's not registered in California? I called the Nevada DMV and they said the only way they can help is if I have a court order?

    Thank you in Advance!

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    First: Welcome to the forum.

    Second: you have left out an important bit of info. Is there a copy of the CURRENT registration or title in the account folder with the tenant's name on it? Should be. If it is just too much and without a copy, I would check your statutes and you will likely find you can have towed away by a tow company and they will deal with the title search and fees. Make sure you document everything with pics and text from here forward, if not doing that already.

    I cannot stress enough to learn your state's statutes asap.
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      I'm pretty sure I recollect that the lien laws have changed so that you can have the vehicle towed in CA. I don't remember if the lien law specifies what the plates said, but CHECK to make sure then call your local towing company or another facility nearby or get a recommendation for a tow company. Good luck!
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        You could also speak with the local PD or Sheriff's department. They've been very helpful for me in dealing with abandoned vehicles. My local department has made calls to the owner on my behalf. It's funny how responsive people become when the get a call or visit from an officer.


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