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  • Hurricane Letter

    We purchased a property a few months back in panama city florida. Hurricane Michael is making landfall now and it is pretty bad in the area. Once the hurricane is gone and we can get our managers back on the property to assess the damage we would like to send a letter out encouraging our tenants to come look at there units.

    Just wondering if anyone in florida who has been through this has a letter then use that i can see and get ideas or if anyone have ideas on what the letter should say. this is our first huuricane so kind of lost on the subject and any advice would be great.


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    I would be surprised if they didn't come back in droves to check their units without a letter. The letter is a nice touch though. How about an email?
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      Sending lots of thoughts & prayers to you, your employees, the property and everyone affected by Hurricane Michael. I really hope all is well.

      We are located on the east coast of Florida so when a tropical storm is heading this way we send out an email letting customers know that we will be staying on property ( always have ) and the office and facility will be open for as long as it is safe for them and us. I also let them know that after the hurricane / storm has passed there will be clean up & we know that they will want to inspect their items but we will not let them back in until it is safe. There may be downed power lines, etc. At that time, even if we do not have power, we can still open the gate for them...when it is safe. You will have lots of phone calls and emails wondering how everything is.

      Does your property require renters insurance? If so make sure that you have the phone # and any paperwork that they may need if they have to file a claim.

      Mail might be ok but who knows if / when they would get it. Do you have an email or texting service to send mass communication ?

      I will PM you the form I used.
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