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I am at the pinnacle of my working career

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  • I am at the pinnacle of my working career

    It was not that many years ago the I was Vice President National Sales Trainer for a broker dealer in Denver. Today however, I started by cleaning up dog poop and finished the day washing bird poop from the walls of my empire. You know what? I would much rather do this.

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    I ran auto repair shops for over 30 years and made great money doing it. was never out of work till 2008. Then 2 years later started this career. Even for 100k a year, I would not go back. Headaches and prima donna's. This can be a very lucrative career if you find the right facility and owner.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Agreed Pac... almost like owning but not investing.


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        A fair owner will see value and if the manager(s) perform well they make that owner lots of money and as I said, a fair owner will share and reward accordingly. I sleep way better at night than I used to.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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